【Farglory Group】2021 New image and vision video

“Dream is the starting point of great and successful deeds.”

In this occasion, Farglory begins the story with an innovative narration. With “dream” as the opening, it departs from the use of grand scenes magnificent buildings, habitually used by traditional construction companies in their narrations, to recall the transformation of its brand. “Animation” is used to communicate the new visions of the group.The contents tell stories from the growth of human being to the everyday life experience. Then, the eight businesses of Farglory, and the values and expectations of its existence in the society are narrated. Its new brand propositions are communicated through actions.
“Farglory Promises it Own Existence. It helps the seeds lie deep at your heart sprout.” 

Every person has a dream. No matter whether it is big or small, Farglory is always your partner in fulfill your dreams.The group has a very close connection with the society. Since it development till now, its services are able to satisfy the needs of different sectors. The eight colors tracks build up with different terrains of the business to become your gateways to dream fulfillment. Only if Farglory is near you, all thinking has the possibilities to be actualized. Let’s start now. Dream bravely. 
This video is a starting point only. 
Farglory expects to write new chapters of dream stories.
Complete video: 2021 Farglory Group brand and vision video 

Dream Bigger. Do Together.
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